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ALL members are responsible for knowing all the Club rules and Regulations. Failure to observe these may result in suspension of Club membership privileges.

1.    While participating in any event on Club property, the Club will not be responsible for any              and all accidents or theft.
2.    All children must be under direct supervision on an adult member.
3.    Members are responsible for guests and their conduct.
4.    Member ship cards will be shown if requested by any member.
5.    The Range flag MUST be raised when the Range is in use and lowered when not in use.  The          Down Range Flag located on the pole by the 100/200 range shelter must be lowered any time        someone is down range from either shelter.
6.    NO alcoholic beverages or controlled substances or being under the influence while on Club        ranges.
7.    No smoking while under range pavilions.
8.    No littering or destruction of Club property.
9.    No discharge of automatic firearms.
10.  No discharge of armor piercing or tracer ammunition.
11.  No discharge of 50 cal. Browning (50BMG) or cartridge of equivalent caliber, velocity, and              bullet weight. Muzzle loading black powder firearms are exempt.
12.  No shooting other than during the posted hours.
13.  No more than 10 rounds in the chamber and magazine combined.
14.  No persons are permitted down range until the line is clear and all firearms have actions                open and are racked in back racks. If the firearm is clamped and the bolt is removed, it must

       have an NRA approved flag (ECI) in the chamber. The board suggests someone stay with the        firearms. Range has two (2) pavilions, but is considered one (1) range.
15.  It is suggested shooters designate a range officer from those present.
16.  Only paper or cardboard targets are permitted. They must be mounted on authorized holders,        and at the correct height.
17.  If shooting prone, you can use your own target holder, at the right height (3 feet minimum to          the bottom of the target) so that projectiles hit the 200 yard backstop. It is suggested that the        frames be a 24’ by 24” wooden frame. NO METAL FRAMES!
18.  Ground level targets are prohibited, except for the patterning of shotguns using shot shells.
19.  Pattern shotgun at the 25 yard and 50 yard range only (you may shoot between these                      yardages as well).
20.  All firing shall be within the numbered lanes (NO cross firing lanes).
21.  Ranges ARE CLOSED to guests during the months of October, November, and until                        December 1
22.  Everyone is required to wear adequate ear and eye protection when on the firing line. The              shooter must furnish such protection.
23.  Range may be closed for a scheduled shoot as approved by the officers and directors, or for          repairs, cleanup and maintenance.
24.  Black powder containers or black powder substitute MUST be sealed on the firing line while          firing is in progress.
25.  No loading from the powder can, only a powder measurer. It is highly recommended no                  loading from flask or powder container with built in measuring device be used.
26.  Everyone must police their own brass and targets after shooting is complete.
27.  No Bump stocks, slide stocks, or any other add on to simulate automatic fire may be used.


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