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Senior Rifle:  Every Tuesday except the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Shoots start at 7:30 in the main clubhouse.  The first shoot is in October and they continue on until April.  The team is always looking for new shooters. If you are interested in shooting small-bore rifles indoors, come check it out.  If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Dufford at 724-445-7087. 

Hi all,


It's time to get your target rifle out and clean it as I know most of you (including me) have not touched it since the end of last season in March and be ready for the upcoming season.


As the result of the AVRL league meeting this past Sunday evening, we will again this season be having ALL 

of our matches on Tuesday evenings at Butler (any time after 7:00 pm) -- No Traveling.  Please find the new 

schedule attached for the 2022-2023 rifle season.


Also note that the first match is on Tuesday evening October 4th.  To prepare for the new season we will 

have two practices as usual at around 7:00 pm or later on the two previous Tuesdays (Sept 20 and Sept 27).  


The shooters from last year hope to see our entire team return, not just to help us compete (but that is

always important); but, to have a good time as well as preserving our sport!!  Every one of you is important to our team and are welcome as well as needed!


Bring your friends!  In addition, I would ask that the new junior shooters to encourage members of your high school team to come out as well--even the coach.


Let me know if you have any questions by email, text or phone.  Looking forward to seeing you all next 

Tuesday evening.  As soon as I have the schedule completed, I will send it to you.






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