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1.   No gun shall be loaded until the shooter is at the shooting station. Loading is considered as           putting a shell in any part of the gun.
2.   The loaded gun shall be kept pointed in a direction that will not endanger other shooters, field       personnel or spectators.
3.   When not at the shooting station, the gun shall be carried with the breech opened.
4.   When the shooter is at the shooting station and ready to shoot and a delay occurs, such as           equipment breakdown, the gun shall be opened and all shells extracted. 
5.   The loading of more than two shells in the gun shall not be permitted, except when shooting         doubles.
6.   Extra caution must be exercised if the gun is given to a referee who is unfamiliar with its                 operation, or when a release trigger is used.
7.   It shall be the duty of the parent or guardian to personally supervise all junior shooters (12 to         17 years of age) and sub-juniors (under 12 years of age).
8.   No spectators allowed on the walkway when shooting is in progress.
 9.  No alcohol or drugs permitted or used on club property.
10. Sunday shoots will not start until 12:30. ( Due to noise during church service)
11. Amateur trapshooting association official rules for conduct  of registered trap shoots apply
12. When someone is shooting trap first, fishing on the upper lake is prohibited.  When someone         is fishing on the upper lake first, the trap range is closed.  YOU NEED TO LOOK!!!      Trap               league shoots take priority over fishing.  The schedule will be posted at the trap range.  
13. All posted range rules also apply.
14. Eye and ear protection must be used at all times and provided by shooter.
15. Shooters are responsible for cleaning up any trash paper and shell casings from the range             when finished.


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